Terms & Conditions

  1. The student who is enrolled with Finnacle will have to work hard regularly. In case, if the teachers feel that the student is not working hard, creating indiscipline or using unfair means in the Institute, irregular in attendance, not responding properly, he/she may be expelled from the Institute. The decision of the Centre Incharge in this regard will be final and binding on the student/parent. No fee or part of the fee will be refunded in such cases..
  2. If any student absents himself/herself for more than 10days continuously without any prior written application, he/she will not be allowed to attend/join the classes and will not be given any test paper(s), he/she may be deemed to be expelled from the Institute. No separate intimation will be sent to the parents. No fee or part of the fee paid/encased will be refunded in such cases. The decision of Management in this regard will be final and binding on the students & parents
  3. After depositing money towards ‘Registration & Admission’, if a student become disinterested in the Institute due to any reason whatsoever and wants to take his/her money back, the Institute will not refund the money deposited towards Registration Fee/Admission Fee. The Registration Fee/Admission Fee deposited towards a particular course will no be adjusted against any other course.
  4. If any student/parent insists on lump sum payment of fee, the Institute can accept the fee in lump sum also. The refund policy for such students will be applicable as mentioned for students, who pay the fee in installments.
  5. It is compulsory for the student to attach the passport size colored photograph and adhaar card with the form.
  6. Company reserve the rights to use the photograph(s) and name of the student for publicity in all kinds of media, if the student secures position/rank or succeeds in any Foundation in India or any test at international level
  7. The parents can meet the Centre-In-Charge for any inquiry about their ward’s progress or any other problem concerning their ward with prior appointment only
  8. The parents can connect us through the helpline no: 9157740227.
  9. Any change of address, mobile no. & e-mail ID should be notified in writing to the operation department.
  10. A student who is late by 10 minutes for classes/tests, will not be allowed to enter the classroom.
  11. It is the responsibility of the parents to submit the fee of their ward in time as per the schedule given in the prospectus. They should not expect reminders and calls from the center. They themselves should be concerned equally to pay the fees as attending the classes by their ward.
  12. If the tuition fee is not paid in lump sum, submission of post date cheques is mandatory. In case, post dated cheques are not submitted or get bounced then a late fee Rs.50 per day shall be charged on the installment due. However, installment will be accepted with late fee only upto end of the month in which the installment gets due.
  13. If any cheque is bounced for whatsoever reason, a fine of Rs.250 will be charged separately from the student along with the fee installment. This amount will be charged in cash only.
  14. If at any point of time, the Central Govt. further increases gst( existing rate of gst is 18%) the extra amount of gst will be borne but the students from the date of enforcement of the act by the Govt.
  15. It is compulsory/mandatory to provide e-mail I.D./ Mobile No. of student’s father/guardian. The critical information/update will be sent by SMS or Whatsapp and on his/her e-mail I.D. Institute shall not be responsible for any information is not received by the student if his /her e-mail I.D/ mobile no. is not updated in the Admission form at the time of admission.
  16. If any type of mishap occurs in the premises of Finnacle because of situations beyond control or any natural calamity of any type such as earthquake, floods, fire, electric short circuit etc, the institute shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.
  17. In case if any parents/guardian misbehaves with any staff member of the Institute, his/her ward can be rusticated from the Institute and no claim of refund of such student will be entertained. The decision of the team will be final and binding on the student and parents/guardian.
  18. No student is allowed to carry mobile phone/ I-pod in the classes. In case, if he/she carries mobile phone in the classes, then it should be switched off. The Institute is not responsible for any loss/ theft of mobile phone or laptops in the Institute
  19. Finnacle reserves its right to make any alteration in its programs/ venue/ timings and days of classes without any prior notice to anybody. The decision of the Team will be final and binding on the students & the parents
  20. Refundable Security Deposit:
  21. In case, the Central Govt. levies any kind of indirect tax or increases the existing service tax under the current service tax laws or GST, then, the additional liability will be payable by the student/parent.