FinBridge Program

FinBridge program is a unique combination of practical knowledge, Corporate exposure and Chartered Financial Analyst (US) exam preparation.

The program has been designed for students looking to make a strong career in top fields of Commerce and Finance.

Course Content

First Phase – Classroom Training

The first leg of the FinBridge program consists of 3 semesters and 14 modules. The focus in this phase is to equip a student with skills and practical knowledge required to compete in the ever-evolving field of finance. List of modules:

  • World Economy
  • Introduction to financial markets
  • CFA (US) Investment foundation program
  • Indian Financial System
  • Personal Finance and Wealth Management
  • Advanced Tech Edge
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Data Terminals
  • Investment Banking/PE/VC
  • Corporate Grooming and Interview Prep
  • Current Awareness Club
  • Reading Club

Second Phase – Industrial Training

The candidate takes the first step towards the corporate world. The candidate undergoes a 12-month paid internship program through campus in their preferred finance domain. The candidate also starts preparing for his CFA (US) exams through our webinar series.

Final Phase – Placement and graduation

After gaining the requisite work experience from his industrial training, the candidate may get a full-time offer else he sits for campus placement and graduates from our academy.

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Check the criteria for placement assurance here.

  • Candidates must score 70% or above in our assessments to remain eligible for placement
  • Past Placements of Undergraduate level students in FinBridge program range from 4.2-5 Lakhs P.A.
  • After Completion of Final Term Test, expected turnaround time for placement is 90 days
  • 50% of the fees will be refunded if we are unable to place a candidate subject to above mentioned terms

Download a detailed course brochure for more details.

Finnacle was my first step towards my career and I am glad that I took this step. I feel very lucky to have such great mentors who helped me in each and every part. The courses offered here helped me to gain knowledge that will be applicable to life and not just bookish knowledge. I feel proud to be a part of this family.

Khushbu Singhania

Batch of '18-19

Having a well-directed mindset and clarity of concepts in Finance domain at the age of just 19 makes us stand out from the crowd and is being recognized by the market experts. The Gurus at Finnacle have helped me to get a different version of me in just 16 months. Finnacle is the change that is required in the education system.

Divyansh Agarwal

Batch of '18-19

Joining Finnacle Investment Academy was one of the best decisions I have taken. I had never imagined getting placed in a PMS at the age of 18 but it was all because of the constant support and guidance from the faculty at Finnacle. Before joining Finnacle, I knew nothing about finance however, their method of teaching and the content provided by them made even difficult concepts easier and interesting. They always ensure that they help us not only with finance learnings but also other important life lessons and are available 24*7 for help and guidance.

Deep Gandhi

Batch of '18-19

Whenever you make a decision you weigh pro's and con's like a rational individual and when I did the same for joining Finnacle investment academy, the pro's outnumbered con's by a mile and during the 16-month long program the mentors at Finnacle have made every possible effort to make us a better version of ourself every day by helping us converting our weakness into strength, Helping me to land valuations profile in investment banking at just 19

Darshil Doshi

Batch of '18-19

My journey started here after my schooling when I didn’t know anything about finance. This journey was so amazing. I got to learn so much about different aspects of finance. It is an institution that not just enlightens a person’s career but stays along with them throughout their journey. Here, they not only prepare you for your exams, but also for your life. The projects assigned to us are a great exposure to the practical work and helped me get an entry in the field of Investment Banking. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my trainers for molding me into who I am today.

Nikhil Jain

Batch of '18-19

The journey of 18 months was a great phase of my life. I have learned too much from my mentors at finnacle. At the age of 19, I have start learning and understanding the various aspect of finance. The application of theory into practice helped much to develop the thought process.

Kapil Mundhra

Batch of '18-19

Joining this institution was the best decision. Here you develop a skill which is necessary for the industry, here practical knowledge is given more importance than bookish knowledge, which helps you to get an entry in the finance field at a young age. I am really grateful to the institute for making me capable to get an internship in the wealth management field.

Pranav Gonawala

Batch of '18-19

The effects of studying with Finnacle Investment Academy are far-reaching! Everyone will ask you: "What's your age?" and you will only understand why I am saying this after joining Finnacle.

Mohammad Zaid Munshi

Batch of '18-19

I have learnt determination & perseverance in the truest form. This institute sure has fueled me always.

Sachin Hemnani

Batch of '18-19

This institute is really a resourceful initiative to bridge the gap between educational institutions and the real world. My mentors trained me in such a way that today, at the age of 18, I am confident to face the portfolio management world.

Ahmed Madha

Batch of '18-19

Finnacle is a place where in you get an opportunity to learn & develop skill sets which are actually required in the industry from very young age. It has been a great visionary journey for me till now, hands down, its one of the best places to build your career into finance.

Vishal Gurnani

Batch of '18-19

I chose to learn from the best. The teachers here are humble & passionate. Had I not followed their footsteps, i wouldn't have reached this milestone.

Vidhi Patel

Batch of '18-19

I want to thank the entire team of finnacle investment academy for the mentorship I received. They always treated me not only as a student but a type of relationship they made to make me understand everything is possible. for me having mentors like them is the only reason for what I have achieved to date. Thank you soo much.

Neeraj Bajoria

Batch of '18-19

Finnacle has not only provided me the skills but also the opportunity to kick start my career at such an early age by giving me exposure to the corporate life.

Moksha Shah

Batch of '18-19

Finnacle has always believed in helping and guiding its students and molds them to be the leader. Joining finnacle was one of the best decisions of my life. Mentors at the finnacle helped me to achieve goals in my life and enter the corporate world.

Ashish Agarwal

Batch of '18-19

Finnacle has been a turning point of my career. I learnt so many complex concepts in a simple and easy manner. My mentors at Finnacle guided me so well that I confidently entered the corporate world at such an early age.

Stuti Bansal

Batch of '18-19

Never thought I would be able to enter the corporate world at this age of 18! The Finbridge program and the mentors here made it a cakewalk for me!

Unnati Dakoria

Batch of '18-19

Finnacle added alpha to me. A great place to expand your learnings. Like companies got think tank for growth, We got Finnacle.

Bhavin Bhagat

Batch of '18-19

Finnacle:One stop destination for a promising career in finance domain!

Vineet Nandwani

Batch of '18-19

A place that helped me compound my knowledge.

Gurjyot Singh Narang

Batch of '18-19

Being an integral part of my life, Finnacle Investment Academy is an institution that shapes and motivates you to excel in the field of finance as well as in your life. Finnacle has helped me achieve my perspective of future career and goals into reality.

Manshi Ghoghari

Batch of '18-19

I can positively say Finnacle has helped me develop a better attitude towards my career and discover more about the financial world. Here at Finnacle, we have approachable faculty who has made every lecture fun, interactive and educational!

Anuj Agrawal

Batch of '17-18

Finnacle - a place where I not only learned how to learn but also how to understand, a place which not only helps you in kick-starting your career but also helps you in maintaining and growing in it. The faculty at finnacle with their wide experience and knowledge under a variety of fields of finance are the best mentors. Here I learned the value of time, as at the age of 20 where everyone is still lost, finnacle gave me a direction to proceed, by making me worthy of a job at a prestigious IB firm. The faculty helped me throughout the journey and helped me face all challenges and hindrances. I am glad I chose finnacle. P.S.: Finnacle is not just an institute but my second home!

Urvi Narsaria

Batch of '17-18

I joined Finnacle right after completing my schooling. The training modules and guest sessions with veterans of the industry helped me build my skill set. The projects assigned to us are great exposure to the practical work and helped me get an entry in the field of money management. The thing I liked the most about the program is that faculties provide their personal attention to each student's development.

Aanchal Agarwal

Batch of '17-18

  Finnacle - what it has taught me is to learn to learn. I am grateful to the Finnacle team is for how they made me worthy of a job at a top VC firm at the age of 20, and then actually helped me secure one. The whole journey at Finnacle was definitely challenging, but in hindsight, it was absolutely worth it, and joining Finnacle proves to be one of the best decisions of my life. P.S. Distance may change things in a relationship, but I'm glad my relationship with Finnacle has only grown over time and distance.

Sudarshan Maru

Batch of '17-18

Finnacle has one of the most important place in my life. At the age of 19, when students are struggling to decide their career, Finnacle has given me a vision and the platform to achieve my goals. It is more like a family than just an Institute. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my trainers for moulding me into who I am today.

Radhika Sundarka

Batch of '17-18

  The Finbridge program at Finnacle tries to bridge the gap between books and knowledge. They follow a multi-dimensional approach from Knowledge enhancement to corporate grooming to get the candidate ready for the Corporate world and the rigorous training provided by the faculty at Finnacle brings out the best in a candidate. From the training heads to the operational team all are very supportive and dedicated. They play an imperative role in shaping ones career and in guiding the way forward. The content developed by the team is a gold mine in itself. So If a newbie aspires to pursue a career in the field of investment then Finnacle Investment Academy is one incredible institute to start with.

Aman Thadani

Batch of '17-18

The Institute did wonders for my brain because I know now how to apply these techniques. I learned a lot and it was a great experience. I thank everyone involved for giving me the knowledge and skills I have gained by working with this highly talented, creative, and caring group of educators."

Anshul Mittal

Batch of '17-18

  Finnacle was the life-changing moment for me, I never imagined that I will be able to fulfill my parent’s dream so early in my life. The level of knowledge and cooperation that the faculty is providing is unbeatable. I would like to thank Finnacle team from the bottom of my heart to make me capable of what I am today!

Mohammed Patel

Batch of '17-18

Perfect Training is the basic requirements for all the students. Finnacle is the institution where one gets the real-time experience of how corporate lifestyle works and how to make a place of your own. Being with such friendly mentors, learning amazing modules in an encouraging environment helped us gain superior quality of knowledge and the vision to build our career. Enjoy the journey and start the ride over here.

Vishal Jajoo

Batch of '17-18

My experience at Finnacle has been extremely delightful. I've not only been able to develop technical skills but also have been able to cultivate a greater set of soft skills. Finnacle has provided me with just the right set of skills required to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The faculty here has not only served us as trainers but also as great mentors. I think Finnacle has been and will always remain an integral part of my career.

Darshit Jariwala

Batch of '17-18

Firstly, I would like to thank all the mentors who enriched my knowledge through their experiences and hard work. I saw exponential growth in my learning since the day I joined Finnacle. The mentors at the academy made interesting modules more interesting through their teaching skills, interactive activities, and continuous project work. I won't hesitate in saying that I could never have learned the things anywhere else that I learnt at Finnacle.

Prasiddh Shroff

Batch of '17-18

  My 12 years of schooling didn't teach me what I learned at finnacle in the past couple of years. I see myself in a better position to understand what's the difference between bookish knowledge and the practical world. I'm grateful to my mentors at Finnacle and always will be and I would love to continue being the part of this beautiful journey.

Nishant Batra

Batch of '17-18

Finnacle has given me a sublime platform for overall growth and development. The faculty members are always supporting and caring and can't miss out the staff members who had always helped us and treated us like a family. Will always be grateful to all of them and I am proud to be a part of this family.

Aman Batra

Batch of '17-18

  When I joined Finnacle I had very less knowledge about finance. But Finnacle supported me in enhancing my skills in finance and helping me achieve my goals. The teaching methodology at finnacle is totally different from India’s memorizing concepts education system.  Because of Finnacle today I got the internship in the wealth management company at the age of 19. Really thankful to the team Finnacle for giving me such an opportunity.

Jaivik Billimoria

Batch of '17-18

Finnacle made learning extremely simple. Every module has shaped our thought process giving a new angle to the same words every time. I believe, every Finnaclite has felt that positive change in their personality be it understanding concepts, presentation, and reflection.

Darshan Patwari

Batch of '17-18

It seems really hard to believe that I have been in Finnacle for almost 2 years now! I can never describe the change which I felt in myself in these years where I learnt everything from the basics to the essentials of the financial world and how it works, everything taught by them is directly related to the practical life which I am able to feel and use it through my internship journey. It has been an amazing experience from the start where I am grateful for the numerous contribution my mentors have made in support of my future

Vini Shah

Batch of '17-18

The mentorship at the academy has been excellent as at every point wherever I got stuck there was always someone who would help me and made me understand how to deal with the problem and made learning more comfortable. The training method used at the academy is so easy to understand and grasp even for a non-finance field student.The curriculum of the academy is so useful and knowledgeable as it covers each and every aspect of finance and helped me understand finance in a better way.

Raj Jain

Batch of '17-18

So it was a journey from being so much concerned about marks and syllabus to becoming an inquisitive & pragmatic person. It all happened in Finnacle where besides studies focus is on our overall development, we got mentors who guided us in every possible situation which shaped me as a better individual contributing to a great start in my career.

Yashika Narang

Batch of '17-18

My journey at Finnacle has been life-changing. It is one of the best decisions I have made. Mentors, at Finnacle, believed in me more than I believed in myself. Not only they inculcated interest in financial subjects they also made them easy to understand. They have always motivated me to work hard and found out the true potential in me.

Ruchika Virwani

Batch of '17-18

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin Finnacle has helped me in my molding to be very appropriate. I cannot think about any other place which could have provided me with the amount of knowledge and skills that I gained here. It helped me in realizing the power that knowledge carries over any degree. The efforts that the entire team is making for our overall development and growth is commendable and I am proud to say that Finnacle has been one of the best investments that I have made in my life.

Akshay Wadera

Batch of '17-18

Finnacle is an institution that not just enlightens a person’s career but stays with them throughout their journey. Here, they not only prepare you for your exams, but also for life. I’m thankful to The Almighty that I joined such an institution. My journey so far has changed my life and this wouldn’t have been possible without their motivation. It’s their belief in me which has brought me to this position in my life.

Pratik Sarawagi

Batch of '17-18

My journey at finnacle started 18 months ago when I didn't knew anything about finance. This journey was so amazing. I got to learn so much . I didn't even realized how this 18 months passed. The faculties over there are so good and ever ready to solve every problem of each and every student. In my case, they were much more confident than me that I'll be able to crack the interview and were ready to fight with anyone to get me placed at best place. Those 18 months were the best time of my life where i got to learn so much and got to know where my interest lies.

Poonam Chindalia

Batch of '17-18

Recruiters' Feedback

We’ve engaged with Finnacle for first time this year by on-boarding three candidates. The maturity and work ethics of the young kids has happily surprised us. Their training has given them a good foundational knowledge which the candidates leverage upon with their hard work. We’re happy to be associated and look forward for a long term relation with Finnacle Investment Academy  

Rohit Goyal

Finacle has a batch of young, enthusiastic and willing to learn professionals available for the personal finance industry. My interactions with the few batch mates were quite positive. I am happy with Akshay who has been working with us.

Harsh Roongta

We at Blue Banyan have recruited a candidate from finnacle and it's no exaggeration to say that he has far exceeded our expectations. I have personally taught at some well-known B-schools and it is clear that the course content at Finnacle is far better suited to the needs to capital markets players than what's taught elsewhere.

HK Sudhindra

I appreciate the quality human resources your institute is churning out. At a tender age of 20, they have a clear understanding of financial concepts and have a very structured approach in solving a problem. Apart from this, they have a strong ability to learn new things and a 24x7 eagerness to take up new responsibilities. They also have very good people skills. We wish to hire many more interns from your institution in the future! Keep up the good work!

Amit Kumar

Darshit is very energetic and doesn't simply give up. He is able to understand the basics of different industries and able to come with the desired outcomes. Over the period he will be able to learn and prove an asset to any organisation.

Deepak Agrawal

It has been just about one month since Radhika has joined us in the private equity fund. She has been assisting the team in investment opportunity screening and detailed evaluation and she has done a fantastic job so far!! She has helped a lot by taking initiative and doing primary market research and supplementing it by competitive profiling of the space.. All in all, your institute is doing a terrific job!! All the best !!

Vinit Rai

Extremely satisfied with profiling quality of candidates. Skill set are relevant and attitude for learning new things is encouraging. Keep it up good work!! Looking forward to hire more and more candidates from your academy.

Kapil Karnawat

Campus Recruiters